This one's a classic. The original. The one you really shouldn't be without. Here's the modest description, taken from its help file:

MsgHook provides a way for the Visual Basic programmer to intercept and respond to messages which Visual Basic doesn't provide events for. For instance, you can use MsgHook to intercept taskbar related messages, thus enabling you to write a program which displays itself on the taskbar.

For instance, eh?  Some of the samples provided on this site are either dependent on this control, or were originally prototyped using it.

This download is provided as a ZIP which contains just a single file, the setup executable. It's provided that way because a long time ago, McAfee AntiVirus reported (falsely!) that the EXE was viral. Well, tens of thousands of folks have downloaded and used it from my site alone, and this has certainly never proven to be the case.

When you run the setup, you will be asked whether to install 16-bit VBX, 16-bit OCX, 32-bit OCX versions of MsgHook, or all of them in any combination.


Download   See distribution notes below for complete details on what's allowed. Full license within help file.

Download, 146Kb, Last Updated: November 24, 1997

See Also

The following resources may also be of interest:

  • AniCtrl - Encapsulates an animation control within a drop-in class module.
  • FormPair - Force a toolwindow to follow a main form as its moved around the screen.
  • Grabber - Various methods to add a grabber (or "shangle") to your forms.
  • PrevInst - Communicate with previous instance to pass new command line.
  • RMenu - Hook into requests for, and provide your own, context menus on right-click.
  • Tray - Add your application's icon to the taskbar's notification tray (systray) properly.

MsgHook Freeware Distribution

You may freely distribute the VBX and OCX controls contained in this package with your applications. You may also freely distribute the package in its entirety provided that you do not add, delete, or modify any of the files contained in the distribution package. You may, of course, choose to distribute your own sample programs along with the package as long as you do not modify the original package in any way.


A number of people and companies have cooperated to bring you this freeware version of MsgHook.

Waite Group Press permitted distribution of this control without purchasing the Visual Basic 4.0 How-To, which you are strongly encouraged to buy anyway since it's chock full of hot VB4 tips and techniques.

Mabry Software created the setup program. Check out the cool controls we sell by visiting Demo versions of all our controls are available for download from that site. 

And me, I'm my kids' dad,

Zane Thomas
May 3, 1996