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Yeah, well, I like it anyway...
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Written in 2004'Stand still, laddy!'...

Yeah, well, it was pretty cool back then. Today, it's an embarrassing sort of anachronism. But it would be a shame to lose such Internet-infancy preposterousness to the vagaries of history. So, other than this paragraph, here we are, preserved for posterity... The Pink Floyd MIDI banner page!

Written in 1997 or 1998...

Every now and then, I get a complaint about the music used on this site. Perhaps 50 times as often, I get a compliment. The simple truth is, I like it, and I really don't care whether you do or not (though I hope you might!). Anyway, I have offered you a means to turn it off permanently, by setting your Favorites link to a non-active home page. But for those of you who enjoy it, and would like to hear more, here's your opportunity.

All of the default tunes played here were originally composed by Pink Floyd. I've searched the web, listened to many different cuts at each, and chosen the ones I felt were most interesting and best produced. Here's what you hear when you randomly load my home page...

A Few Really Decent Pink Floyd Tunes

These are selected randomly when you load my home page or Refresh the banner. I tried to only use the smaller ones, but a few of the larger ones were just too sweet to pass up.

Atom Heart Mother Suite, 5:19, 22K

Careful with that Axe, Eugene, 7:57, 73K

Comfortably Numb, 6:25, 67K

Coming Back To Life, 5:46, 30K

Fearless, 1:39, 19K

Grantchester Meadows, 4:43, 12K

Great Gig in the Sky, 4:35, 28K

Hey You, 4:37, 53K

High Hopes, 7:48, 87K

Keep Talking, 5:43, 71K

Learning to Fly, 4:20, 73K

Mathilda Mother, 2:54, 18K

Take It Back, 4:51, 33K

The Wall, 7:23, 29K

More Interesting Pink Floyd Tunes

Here are a few more that were either too large to impose on visitors, were of too short duration to fit the role of 'background,' too clich , or just didn't fit in for some other reason.

Another Brick in the Wall, 3:38, 59K

Echoes, 24:11, 207K

Goodbye Blue Sky, 2:28, 9K

In the Flesh, 7:23, 29K

Lucifer Sam, 3:15, 25K

Shine On You Crazy Diamond, 14:02, 122K

The Thin Ice, 3:56, 11K

Vera, 1:15, 21K

Wots... Uh, the Deal?, 4:20, 46K