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For all you people who already own the first or second edition, here's the latest information.

Updates and Bug Reports

It was hard for me to believe, but somehow a few mistakes slipped into the 600+ pages and thousands of lines of code in Hardcore Visual Basic. I've found a few on my own, and readers have reported others. You used to be able to get official bug lists and book updates from the Microsoft Knowledge Base, but apparently they no longer provide them.

Many great ideas from readers made it into the second edition and the VB6 online update, but don't hold your breath waiting for an update to the update.

The source code and type library supplied with the first edition had a few errors. The following file contains patches and fixes.

Download HVBUPD05.ZIP (Zip file; 303KB; published January, 1997)

Hardcore reader Michael McGoodwin sent me a file that lists most of the functions, methods, and properties in the sample modules of the first edition. I suppose I should have listed these in an appendix to the book, but thanks to Michael, you can get the information in this text file:

Download SUMMARY.ZIP (Zip file; 7KB; published March, 1996)

No one volunteered to do this for the second edition, so I did it myself in the VB6 online update.

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